2018 Team Jarem Support for the Huntsman Cancer Institute

Friends and Family,

Last year many people rallied together to form “Team Jarem” in conjunction with the Huntsman 140, a fundraising event for the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake.  Throughout the year it ballooned into an even larger effort which was touching and inspiring for our family on many different levels.  Here is a highlight video of the 2017 event that some friends from work put together https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXZJS_f0Jjo&feature=youtu.be.
Several of my friends from work at TruHearing are again launching a “2018 Team Jarem” and I wanted to invite you to participate in any way that you feel inclined.  Also, feel free to share this email with others you think would want to participate in some way including companies that have corporate giving goals or would want to “sponsor” the team or the event in some way (I’m happy to speak with them directly if that is helpful).  We have an ambition goal of raising $50k this year.
Here are some ways to get involved:
Camilla and I never imagined we’d be in this position or that fighting cancer would become a passionate / critical cause in our lives.  That said, we have become better people through it all because of your love, support, faith, service, and unending desire to “love one another, even as [the Savior] has loved you.”
Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.
Jarem, Camilla, and the kids

2 thoughts on “2018 Team Jarem Support for the Huntsman Cancer Institute”

  1. Jaden, just catching up on your latest posts. Never ending inspiration, thank you so much!!
    I’d like to donate by purchasing some TeamJaremswag that I can wear to the AF Canyon Run Against Cancer that I help put on and will be running this year. How can I do this, is it too late?
    Thanks my friend!
    Scott Mortensen


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