Aaron Evans hijacking the blog…

Thanks, Jarem for letting me hijack your blog for a single post.


If you are reading this post it is likely because you know Jarem or are battling cancer, know someone battling cancer, or are striving to stay positive in your own personal battles inherent to life. In the few years that I have known Jarem, I have been inspired by his exuberance and love of life, optimism, and care for others. When he was diagnosed with cancer, these attributes (among so many of his other positive attributes) were magnified as he chose to fight cancer. What has been amazing to see is that Jarem’s fight to beat cancer has not turned his focus on himself, but rather he has maintained an unrelenting focus on helping others face their individual challenges. His focus on individuals is what makes Jarem so special- he cares for individuals, he helps individuals, he uplifts individuals, he prays for individuals- it is this focus on individuals that allows Jarem to have such a significant impact on so many of us. He doesn’t try to do everything for everyone, but he does strive to do something for someone. To that end, I want to do something for someone. I want to help Jarem in some small way in his fight to beat cancer.


I was going to approach this “No shave November” with a goal of raising $500 for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation before shaving my admittedly ugly Fu Manchu that has been growing for 6 days now. However, I decided that such a goal was too low and that I want to challenge myself and each of you to get out of our comfort zones and try to do something a little more substantial for Jarem. To that end, I would like to raise at least $2,000 this November for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.


There are several ways to donate.

  • You can Venmo me directly (@Aaron-Evans-2) and I will make one contribution at the end of the month, or
  • You can donate directly to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. If you donate directly to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, please make sure that we get the funds to the right place by filling out the form as noted below.

aaron pic


Once you have donated, please add your donation to the following Google Doc so we can track our progress. If you wish to remain anonymous, write “anonymous” in the name field.


Additionally, please share this information with others and invite them to donate to this wonderful cause. I imagine there are many people like me wanting to do something, but just don’t know what to do. The Huntsman Cancer Foundation uses all donations for cancer research.


Together we can make a difference.

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