Hope and Elephant Cookies



#hopefightschildhoodcancer is a wonderful fundraising and awareness campaign that Kneaders is putting on for the month of September.  It is inspiring and specific, which are my favorite types of initiatives to be a part of.

Here’s the deal:

  • Like all of us, the Worthington family (founders of Kneaders) has been impacted by cancer when several years ago they had a grandson diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma (which coincidentally is one of the two cancers I’m fighting right now).
  • There is some breakthrough research happening right now at the Huntsman Cancer Institute with Dr. Joshua Shiffman and the study of elephant proteins being effective at killing human cancer cells.
    • It is fascinating stuff.  I toured Dr. Shiffman’s lab at Huntsman this week and listened to him present some of his findings.  Hearing his enthusiasm and optimism for what they were finding was so energizing!
  • Kneaders has a goal to raise $300k to help move Dr. Shiffman’s research through the process of “laboratory bench to clinical bedside”, a process that usually takes several years and millions of dollars.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Eat cookies.  Kneaders will be selling elephant sugar cookies and other elephant paraphernalia throughout the month of September and all proceeds will go toward the fundraising goal.  Go to your local Kneaders and pick up a few dozen cookies and share with your friends.
  • Contribute online or at a Kneaders store.  Obviously this isn’t as much fun as eating cookies, but it saves your waistline and some of you think that eating cookies is what gave me cancer in the first place so this is a way for you to get involved and keep your conscious clear.  You can make a contribution here starting September 1.


I’ve been thinking a lot about HOPE recently.  You’ll remember from some of my initial blog posts that the formula we are trying to prove out is


My mom even had some shirts made up for our family because, well, when you don’t know if something is true but you really hope it is true you just make it into a shirt and then it starts to feel more real.


Looking at the shirt makes my mind jump to the conclusion that what we are saying is that HOPE can BEAT CANCER.  But it has been insightful for me to read the formula as it is written, that is, hope and patience are GREATER THAN cancer.  I don’t know if hope will beat cancer in my case, although I still hope it does.  Cancer is most likely going to be the cause of my death at some point (unless I die from overeating at my Fantasy Football Draft this weekend).  But, the ever-wise Camilla has often reminded me that

hope is GREATER THAN cancer because it contains a power to continue to feel joy and enjoy life in the face of uncertainty.

So then HOPE IS POWER.  Not necessarily power to change the challenge we are facing or the outcome it will inflict, but power to change our mindset.  That certainly sounds a lot greater than the uncontrolled dividing of cells.

“Happy is he…whose hope is in the Lord his God”  Psalms 146:5

Now go buy lots of elephant cookies.

4 thoughts on “Hope and Elephant Cookies”

  1. I just received the Boncom newsletter spotlighting you & your blog. I feel connected because someone very very close to me battled cancer. I think blogging & updating all at once is so great! I pray the Lord to be with you!


  2. I love this so much. I found you through boncom too and I just wanted to reach out and say thanks. Your posts are beautiful and your family’s approach to your cancer is completely … awesome … for lack of a better word. My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year and our family has been fighting some similar battles. At the moment, the chemo has kicked things and we’re breathing a little easier but we know this will be a long fight. I whole-heartedly agree with your motto and I love that your mom put it on shirts for your kids. 🙂 Thanks for the info about Kneaders. We will definitely be stocking up on cookies in support. I look forward to more posts. Your family will be in my prayers. All the best!


  3. Hey Jarem, I have read this post multiple times and it makes me emotional but also so grateful for you and your family and your outlook! Our prayers are constantly with you and your family. 😘


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