Prepping for Radiation and Chemo 

My parents and siblings made t-shirts with the equation that we are trying to prove true.

My beauty mask, custom made.  Keeps the face in the right position for the radiation treatment.

My arm 29 days after surgery.  It is seldomly painful and healed up pretty nicely (see the previous picture 15 days after surgery).  As expected, the arm is still pretty weak, but so is my good arm 🙂

My favorite quote of the week:

Without adversity, we may tend to forget the divine purpose of mortality and live our lives focused on the transitory things of the world.

Ronald Poelman
The past ten days or so have been great. I feel well and have spent lots of time with my wife and kids. Trying to keep up with Camilla’s busy schedule and all she does for the kids almost had me wondering if I needed to check back into the hospital. I finally told her this week that I needed to go back to work so that I could get some rest.  

Monday (2/6) starts the next phase of treatment.  I will go to radiation therapy Monday through Friday for six weeks.  I slip into the mask pictured above which is then bolted into place on the table.  The radiation machine will shoot beams into all the areas that have been programmed into the computer. In this way they can be extremely targeted and accurate in what they scorch.  One treatment lasts less than ten minutes.  

I will be doing chemo therapy treatments once a week for six weeks in addition to the radiation. This will improve the effectiveness of the radiation (and amplify the side effects).  No pain no gain, said someone once… The chemo is administered via an IV that they put into a port I have in my chest.  It takes 3-4 hours for one treatment.  Time to rewatch the World Series (for the third time).  

I have always loved to read, and the time away from work I have had this month has reacquainted me with that hobby.  Some favorites that I read the pst six weeks:

  • How will you measure your life by Clayton Christensen
  • Shoe Dog by Phil Knight (Nike founder)
  • Screwtape letters by CS Lewis

And there is no better TV out there than the 30 for 30 ESPN series.  Thank you Bill Simmons.

Every time I have gone to search for answers or inspiration I have found some awesome passage in scripture or published talk from one of my church’s leaders.  What a time to be alive where information is so readily available. My favorite talk this week was listed above by Ronald Poelman.  

2 thoughts on “Prepping for Radiation and Chemo ”

  1. Dang solid you are pretty amazing! You are walking testament of faith with hope and patience. Your light is so bright, you are strengthening others through your huge trial. I love you bro. Thank you for sharing your journey. God is good.


  2. Love the t-shirts and seeing your kids being able to support you in this way. I just have to ask – do you get to keep the mask? Just thinking ahead to Halloween 🙂 – couldn’t resist and I know you have a good sense of humor because you have to in order to go through this huge challenge. It’s official – you’re the toughest guy I know! Stay tough Jarem!


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