Speech Impact 17 Days After Hemiglossectomy

17 days after having 40% of my tongue removed (“hemiglossectomy”) and reconstructed with​​ tissue and arteries from my arm (“free flap”), I have what I consider a very minor speech impediment and it’s getting better everyday.  

Compare this video to the one I posted 72 hours after surgery which was the first time I felt like I could speak and others would understand me without having to continually repeat words.  

5 thoughts on “Speech Impact 17 Days After Hemiglossectomy”

  1. You look and sound great! I’m so happy, relieved, and amazed at how quickly you are healing! Go, Jarem, Go!! ❤️ you — Mom


  2. You’re amazing! I love love your upbeat attitude and perspective. Today I gave a lesson on “joy and spiritual survival” by brother Ballard from oct general conf…..you seem to completely understand this concept. You’re really an inspiration. Thank you!


  3. I”m always amazed at how positive you are, Jarem. I”m sure that’s helping to speed your recovery. You look amazing too! What an inspiration you are! You’re a good reminder that good health is not to be taken lightly and we should all enjoy life and keep a positive outlook even when things seem tough. Thanks for sharing your journey. I look forward to hearing / seeing your continued progress.


  4. Jarem, you really look good and sound remarkable. I can tell you have come a long way. Praise the Lord, without him where would we all be. We are still praying for you , we love you and will continue to pray . Keep us posted. Your Great
    Aunt Judy in Amarillo,Texas and Southwest Baptist Church


    1. So great to get the updates, and see and hear how you’re doing. We are praying for you everyday!

      And if you need any tips on how to get fat fast, you know how to find me. 🙂


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