Leaving hospital

It has been a memorable seven days at the hospital and now it’s time to go home and start a new chapter.  Looks like I will be home sometime this afternoon or evening.  

7-10 day hospital stay was the expectation from the start and I am grateful that my body is healing so well.  Your faith and prayers have been integral.  I also think my body is loving the nutrients it’s getting.  I’m on some sort of high grade jet fuel through my feeding tube.  For most of my life my body has survived on soda and sunflower seeds and nachos.  Sorta feels like another life lesson in there for me to figure out…

When I go home I will still have a feeding tube in place.  I can’t swallow any liquids until Monday and if I can prove to my doctor on Tuesday that I can keep down liquids, the tube comes out.

It will be a continued healing process at home that will take time and patience, but I am so happy.  I miss my kids. I miss the feeling inside my home.  I am ready to be home.  


6 thoughts on “Leaving hospital”

  1. So glad you are headed home surrounded by your beautiful and loving family. PS ….we have to work on those dance moves….Cindy D.


  2. This is AWESOME news!!! The surgery will be a great thing to have behind you. The thing that is kind of bothersome…………is that a mustache you are sporting?! Heal fast! -Amy


  3. Jarem you look awesome. So glad you are home! Maybe you should stick to ping pong rather than dancing. 😎😎😎😎


  4. Thinking of you today and praying that being home, surrounded by your beautiful wife and little ones is helping you heal faster and bolstering your strength. Hope you’ll be eating real food soon! I’m sure at times you need to take this moment by moment and other times you’re full speed ahead. Just remember, in a month you’ll be feeling better than today, in 2 months even better and in 3 months even better than that and….. ready for the next ping-pong challenge or softball!


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